PHILATELY, King of Hobbies

Collection of stamps is one of the oldest hobbies which is still very popular. Often called 'King of hobbies and hobby of kings' this art is not for the affluent only. It is one hobby which cuts across age groups and could be taken up by anyone and everyone.


Stamps could be collected by:
-  Taking stamps from the mail you receive
-  Exchanging stamps with friends, neighbours
-  Buying stamps from stamp dealers
-  Standing order with philatelic bureau

WHAT IS A STANDING ORDER? (deposit account)

Stamps are released on various dates according to the annual stamp program. Often, it may not be possible to keep track of new releases. It may also happen that some of the popular issues may be sold out soon after receipt. This may lead to disappointment for many collectors since as per convention philatelic stamps are never reprinted. To avoid these difficulties and make stamp collecting hassle free, standing order facility has been introduced.


When you become a standing order account holder, every time there is a new release, philatelic material as per your order will be reserved for you and will be dispatched to you every month by registered post.  All you have to do is fill up the application form along with the payment. You can subscribe this on behalf of someone else too and surprise him/her.


-  Commemorative Stamps (Mint Set)
-  First Day Covers - blank and cancelled
-  Information brochure - blank and cancelled with stamp
Annual Pack / Collector's Pack
-  Any other Items

MODE OF PAYMENT (Minimum Rs. 200/-)

-  Money Order
Bank Cheque (Local Only)
-  Demand Draft
-  Postal Order


- Ensure sufficient balance in the A/C to ensure regular      receipt.
-  Mail order is only for new issues
-  Specify Bureau from where you want to receive stamps

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