Digital Stamp Album of India
A Multimedia Journey of Indian Heritage Through Postage Stamps
A Review by the web master

This CD-ROM of Indian postage stamps is the first of its kind in India and attempts to present a comprehensive digital catalogue of Indian postage stamps from 1852 - 1998. To get started, simply put the CD into your drive and after a few seconds you will be presented with a pretty nifty splash page that includes a brief slide show of stamps accompanied by the logo of the manufacturer - Salamindia.Com.

The menu is set against a background of the Indian tricolour and consists of 5 basic choices:

Catalogue: This enables the user to select the year of issue on the scroll-bar. When a particular year is selected the stamps released during that calendar year are listed and upon clicking on a specific stamp description the corresponding image is displayed. It should be mentioned here that the quality of images is abysmal with low resolution and poor colour.

Chronological: All the stamps are arranged in the order of their release and selection of a particular year activates a slide show 

Thematic: There exist fourteen themes namely: Armed Forces, Art, Aviation, Fauna, Flora, Gandhi, Independence, International, Monuments, Personalities, Post, Railways, Science and Sports. After selecting the theme it is possible to view All the stamps (in the form of a slide show) or for a particular year.

Philately: A token section meant to serve as an introduction to beginners with very superficial information on the first postage stamp, Philately in general, Indian postage stamps and so on.

Glossary: A very brief explanation of common philately terms.


Type: Educational CD.
Minimum system requirements: Pentium PC, Windows 95, 16MB RAM, 16 Bit Color.

The views expressed above are those of the webmaster alone. 

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