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The 1949 Cochin Pictorial Issue - Genuine or Fantasy - by Donald B. Griffin - NEW!!

"Most collectors of Indian native states are probably aware of the 1949 Cochin pictorial issue. I venture that few of these collectors know that this issue of two stamps was intended........"

Saints and Poets of India Depicted in Stamps - NEW!!
Weekly Philatelic Gossip, Vol. 67, No. 19, Jan 3, 1959

"For the basis of this article I am indebted to Hakimuddin, a former pen-pal living in India........"

Bijawar - by H. D. S. Haverbeck - NEW!!
The Collectors Club Philatelist, Vol. 38, No. 6

"Bijawar state is located in the Bundelkhand district of central India having an area of 973 square miles, containing 298 villages........"

Soruth: The 1929 Pictorial Definitive - by Kusum and Dhirubhai Mehta
Collector Club Philatelist - July-August 1988

"The pictorial definitives in the denominations of 3 pies, 6 pies, one annas, two annas, three annas........"

The Indian F. P.O to 1912
Source Unknown

"1839-42 - The First Afghan Expedition........"

Asia's First Stamps- The Scinde Dawks - by D. E. Wadia
S. P. A Journal - February 1963

"Frankly the stamps of India do not appeal to me, but as I am about to start collecting the Empire Issues........"

Refuge Relief Stamps of India - by Dwarkadas Jivandas
Source Unknown

"A good deal of interest has been shown by collectors in the REFUGEE RELIEF Stamps of India........"

Thrilling Story of the First Balloon Flight in India by S. Sohan Singh Chowdery
Source Unknown

"The inauguration of the first balloon club in India by the American astronaut Neil A. Armstrong, on 23 November 1970 was marked by high adventure........"

Airplane Mail - An Historic Flight in Far Off India - by Ken Wood
Stamp Collector - March 28 1987

"We have now reached that part of our story of man's adventure into air when flight and postal affairs begin to come together........"

State Tapal and Darbari Tapal of Jasdan State- by P. M. Medhora  
The Collectors Club Philatelist - Jan-Feb 1985

"Prior to the introduction of regular postal service for the benefit of the general public, the majority of Indian states had their own State Tapal........"

RAJPIPLA- Feudatory State of India by H. D. S. Haverbeck  
The Collectors Club Philatelist - Vol. XXXVI, No. VI

"The state of Rajpipla, erroneously spelled Rajpeepla in most catalogues, is located in Rewa Kantha area of the Bombay Presidency........"

Sirmoor - A Country Collection- by Curtis E. Gidding  
American Philatelist

"Each collector from the start has some sort of basic goal regarding his collection........"

INDIA - The Convention States' Arms Imprints on IIndian Postal Stationery - by F. M. Cowen  
The Collectors Club Philatelist - Vol. 37, No. 1

"The existence of separate postal systems in many of the feudatory states was the source of considerable irritation to the Postmaster Generals of the Indian Imperial Post Office........"

A Brief Survey of the "OVERLAND" Mail Route - by E. F. Hurt  
Source Unknown

"An overland mail route had existed between India and Europe from before the Roman Empire, though it was at this latter period that it was fully developed........"

Indian Stamps Used in Zanzibar- by N. Snowden  
Source Unknown

"An Indian Post Office was first opened in Zanzibar towards the end of 1868, but early in 1869 it was closed........"

The Stamps of the Feudatory States- by H. D. S. Haverbeck
The Collectors Club Philatelist - Vol. XXXV, No. IV

"With this, the COLLECTORS CLUB PHILATELIST will start a new series of articles on the stamps of the feudatory states of India........"

Morvi Fancy Markings - by Kusum and Dhirubhai Mehta
Source unknown

"An interesting, colourful and unusual marking is used on a registered 6-pies stamped green envelope from Morvi. The cover also bears a registration........"

Stamps of British India used in Persia - by Cornel Kmentt
The American Philatelist - September 1962 - Vol. 75, No. 12

"An essay, "Japanese Stamps used in Korea" was published in the August 1962 issue of the American Philatelist. I was the author of that essay and in conclusion I referred to the correspondence of my parents, who at about the same time were using native Persian as well as British India mail services"

An Indian Airmail Rarity - by Grosvenor W. Bissell M.D.
The American Philatelist - May 1963 - Vol. 76, No. 8

"Sometime between Oct. 22, 1929, and Nov 1, 1929, the Security Printing Press of Nasik, India, produced a series of airpost stamps to be used on letter mail to England. These were supposedly first postally used Nov. 12, 1929....."

The Story of Gandhi Stamps - by T. N. Mehta
American Philatelist - August 1980

"On January 21, 1980, when Jawaharlal Nehru was Prime Minister of India and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai held the Communications Office, the Director General, Posts and Telegraphs (P&T) sent a letter to Security Printing........"

Germany, Japan supported an end to British India - by David L. Straight (Coming Soon!!)
Stamp Collector - June 18th 2001

"The semipostal stamps shown below in Figure 1, with a map of the Indian subcontinent flanked by swords with the broken chains of colonialism........"

India honors the classical dances of the nation- by Daniel Keren 
Source unknown - written sometime in the mid to late 1970s

"Spread throughout a territory of approximately 1,200,000 square miles with a population that is rapidly approaching the 700 million mark, the giant land of India dominates the entire Asian subcontinent........."

Bundi - The Sacred Cow Issue, 1915-1941- by Robert Goldberg 
S. P. A Journal - April 1968

"Stamps of the Indian Native States have had a long history of neglect, chiefly because of difficulties in classification and the limited amount of material available........."

King George VI 1 1/2 and 3 Annas - by G. C. Horsman 
The American Philatelist - May 1961 - Vol. 74, No. 8

"This illustrated study details the George VI 1 1/2 and 3-anna stamps of India (Scott 172a and 174).........."

India Celebrates Airmail's Golden Jubilee 
The American Philatelist - March 1970 - Vol. 84, No. 3

"India, which claims a first for inaugurating the world's first airmail service, celebrated the occasion of its airpost' s golden jubilee with the issuance of three commemorative stamps, a re-enactment of that historic flight of 1911........."

Collecting the Classics - by Harold Yost 
Source unknown

"Once upon a time I had an idea that the "classics" were out of my reach as far as my pocketbook was concerned. I wanted to collect them........."

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